Are you a model or a model agency looking to enhance your portfolio and make a lasting impression in the fashion industry? Look no further! We specialize in providing photography and videography services tailored to models and model agencies in both Milan and Dubai.

Our comprehensive services cover a range of critical aspects for models, including Model Tests, Model Books, Runway Coverage, and Editorials Backstage. Whether you’re in the fashion capital of Milan or the vibrant hub of Dubai, we are your trusted partner in capturing the essence of your modeling journey.

Model Tests: Our expert photographers will work with you to create stunning model tests that showcase your versatility and uniqueness. These tests are crucial in making a strong first impression with agencies and clients.

Model Books: A standout model book is essential in making your portfolio shine. We excel at curating captivating imagery and videos that will enhance your modeling portfolio and leave a lasting impact.

Runway: When you step onto the runway, our videography team will be there to capture every stride, every pose, and every moment, ensuring that your runway experience is immortalized in high-quality video content.

Editorials Backstage: The behind-the-scenes world of fashion editorials is a unique and exhilarating environment. We provide exclusive backstage coverage to give your audience a glimpse of the creative process that goes into every stunning editorial.

With a strong presence in both Milan and Dubai, we understand the demands and aesthetics of these thriving fashion destinations. Let us be your trusted partner in taking your modeling career to new heights. 

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