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Hanna Baranava is a fashion and advertising photographer, film maker and art director with own production and media agency in Milan and Dubai. She has publications in L’Officiel, Elle, Numèro, Vogue and many others.  

Hanna Baranava — Photographer and Videographer in Milan and Dubai

She works with Adv Agencies and Brands in fashion, beauty, still life, street and reportage style creating photo and video content for Commercial Campaigns, E-Commerce, Lookbooks, Product Photography, Editorials, Brands' events, Real Estate and Food in Milan and Dubai. 

She also collaborates with influencers, fashion bloggers and model agencies. Hanna also works as an Art Director and creates, plans and delivers a strategic vision for her clients.

Commercial photographer in Milan

Extensive Experience in photography and videography

Bringing over 15 years of professional expertise, Hanna Baranava stands as your trusted photography and videography partner in Dubai and Milan. Her seasoned skills ensure your visual needs are not just met, but exceeded with a level of precision and excellence only experienced professionals can provide.  

Advertising photography in Dubai

Versatility Across Genres

From the vibrant streets of Milan to the high-fashion scenes in Dubai, Hanna’s mastery extends across diverse genres — be it street, reportage, or fashion photography. She captures the essence of every subject and event with finesse, promising results that go beyond expectations.  

Fashion editorial photographer in Milan

Tailored Teams for Every Project

Whether you’re a burgeoning brand in need of a standout presence or orchestrating a grand event, our team is ready to cater to projects of all sizes and complexities. Your visual storytelling journey is in capable hands — seamless, unforgettable, and always extraordinary.  

  “Let’s invent, experiment, grow and have fun together!”

Hanna Baranava

Hanna Baranava — Photographer and Videographer in Milan and Dubai

Editorial and Commercial Photography

Immerse yourself in a refined showcase featuring the expertise of an editorial photographer and videographer in Dubai, alongside the excellence of a commercial photographer in Milan. Explore the seamless blend of artistry and commerce, capturing the essence of fashion with innovation and sophistication. 

Street style photographer Milan

Street Style Photography 

Immerse yourself in the essence of urban elegance captured through captivating street style photography. Discover the dynamic fusion of fashion and city life, where every image tells a story of individuality and trendsetting flair. Experience Milan’s streets like never before through our lens.  

Influencer photographer in Milan

Social Media Content for Influencers  

Step into the captivating world of Social Media Content Gallery tailored for influencers, featuring the creativity of content creators in Milan and Dubai. Immerse yourself in a visual journey that highlights the dynamic fusion of style and creativity.   


Hanna Baranava — Photographer and Videographer in Milan and Dubai

Fashion Events Reportage & Backstage

  Fashion events reportage photography is an art form that requires a blend of technical skill, creativity, and intuition. Professional photographers can capture timeless moments that celebrate style, innovation, and the allure of haute couture.  

Hanna Baranava — Photographer and Videographer in Milan and Dubai

Model Book

My dedication extends beyond borders, offering model book services in Dubai and Milan that redefine standards. Witness a fusion of international flair and local beauty as I curate portfolios that speak volumes about uniqueness and versatility.    

Hanna Baranava — Photographer and Videographer in Milan and Dubai

Property Photo and Video

Whether you’re seeking your dream home or showcasing your property, let our images and videos tell the story of elegance and opulence in the heart of Dubai.     


Hanna Baranava — Photographer and Videographer in Milan and Dubai

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